How to Choose Simple Wedding Dresses

When one thinks of weddings, people tend to think of a very ornate gown with a long trail, lots of pearls, laden with beads and for some, decorated with Swarovski crystals.  While that is the choice of some brides, the truth is that there are those who prefer simple wedding dresses.  Now going simple does not necessarily mean that you will look cheap or less elegant.  It all depends on the style, the length, the material and the cut that you will pick for your dress.  Naturally, if your wedding’s theme is more casual or if the venue is outdoors like the beach, it would be insane to wear one of those super regal dresses.  You can dress down a bit but still look like the fabulous, blushing bride that you are.  So if you are scouring for simple wedding dresses, these are some tips and tricks that you should keep in mind.

First Tip

Remember that a simple wedding dress does not necessarily translate to a short length.  Of course, if that is the kind of dress that you want, that is perfectly okay.  However, you have the option of wearing one just slightly above your knee or even one that falls at the middle of your calf if you are on the short side as it will help make you look a little taller.  If you want a full length dress, that is perfectly acceptable too.  After all, one thing that makes wedding dresses look formal is the material that it is made of.

Second Tip

Choosing the right fabric is very important even with simple wedding dresses.  A simple dress can look absolutely elegant provided that it is made with the right stuff.  Just keep in mind that velvet, damask and lace are usually used for formal wedding gowns.  If you want a more casual and simple look, it is best for you to veer away from them.  You can go for materials such as linen, cotton or jersey.  If your wedding is outdoors, go for a material that is flowing so your dress will ruffle with the wind for an extra touch of flair and drama.

Third Tip

One great thing about going for simple wedding dresses is that you have other color options.  Since it is a wedding, you may not want to wear dark colors like black but pastels will still look good.  Now if you want to keep some tradition then go ahead and wear white.  Of course, you can go for something less bright such as tan, beige or ivory.  You will still look like the bride but in a less traditional way. 

Last Tip

you can go for simple wedding dresses and make it look more formal or more casual based on your accessories.  Flashier jewelry made of rhinestones, pearls and Swarovski crystals can make your dress look more dressy and formal.  However, dainty touches can help you keep the simple but elegant look.

Those are some tips on how to choose simple wedding dresses.


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