Finding Options for Wedding Theme Dresses

During the time of your grandmother or maybe even during the time of your mom, they had no choice but to conform to tradition.  Weddings should always be done a certain manner and deviating from it is a big no.  Wedding locations should always be in a church.  Brides should always wear white lacey dresses with a trail and their faces should always be partially covered by a veil.  Of course, that is no longer the case today.  These days, brides have the option to be different and even a bit outrageous with their wedding venue and their dresses.  In fact, having a different theme for your wedding is a surefire way for it to be extra memorable both for you, your husband to be and your guests.  If you are one of those brides who dare to be different, it is important for you to know your options for wedding theme dresses.

Wedding theme dresses are as diverse as the number of themes that you can think of.  In short, it is practically endless.  So dig deep into your personality and draw your theme from there.  Are you the Disney princess kind of bride who wants to look like Belle or some other Disney character on your wedding day?  Maybe you are a rocker chick who would like to defy the rules a bit.  You can go for a sea inspired wedding if your venue is in a beach.  If you are on the sporty side, there is nothing that will stop you from having a sports inspired wedding.  The better you know yourself, the easier you will find it to decide on your wedding theme dresses.

So if you have finally decided that you are more the Disney princess kind of bride, then go ahead and start watching those Disney films once again.  It may be something that you have not done in a really long time but now that you are getting married, you might start seeing it under a new light.  Pay close attention to the dresses that they are wearing.  You can go for Belle, Ariel, Princess Jasmine, Rapunzel and the list goes on.  Then talk to your designer and tell her exactly the kind of princess inspired dress that you want for your wedding gown. 

If you are the rocker kind of chick, wearing black may not be such a great thing on your wedding day but you can still don bursts of colors.  You can wear bright red lipstick, nail polish and match it with a really nice pair of red shoes.  Your gown design can be a bit eccentric too.  It does not have to be your typical long gown but something a little shorter and more radical.  That is another option for wedding theme dresses.

If you are having a beach wedding, then go ahead and wear something less heavy and a bit more flowing.  That way, your dress will sway with the wind when it blows.  That is another option for wedding theme dresses, if you would like to know more click here.