How to Find a Cheap Wedding Dress

Every bride wants to look her absolute best on her wedding day.  After all, this is a once in a lifetime event and it is also the moment when everyone’s eyes are focused on her.  For the brides who have a lot of cash to spare, well, this probably will not be a problem but what about those who are working on a tight budget?  Are they doomed to looking ordinary and not so special during her wedding day?  Absolutely not!  These are some tips that every bride working on a budget should know about finding a cheap wedding dress.  Just let me clarify that “cheap” here means inexpensive but it not at all tacky.  With the proper know-how, you can find a stunning wedding dress at a cheap price.

Sometimes, you can try on all sorts of dresses and never find one that just makes your heart leap.  Well, maybe you do not have to look very far.  While you may think that your mother looked a little funny in her wedding gown, you may just consider asking it from her.  Sure, it may be a bit yellow from staying in the closet all these years but that is nothing that a little soap and hours of soaking cannot fix.  And yes, the style might be a little dated but having a dress altered is still way cheaper than buying a brand new one.  Plus, that dress has so much history considering that your mom wore it too.  What can be cooler than wearing the same thing on the day that mom and daughter say “I do”?

So there is no way that you are wearing your mom’s wedding dress to yours even though it is an altered version, well, that’s when the real cheap wedding dress hunt commences.  If you are in this situation right now, there is only one piece of advice for you – try on a lot of dresses.  Go to your local boutique just for brides and see what they have.  Do not judge how a dress looks on the hanger.  That just won’t give it justice.  Sometimes, you really have to wear it to be surprised that it actually looks pretty darn good on you.  That is one way to find a cheap wedding dress.

Once you have found the wedding dress that you like, there is one thing that every bride to be has to learn.  You need to bargain.  If you succeed, you can get a cheap wedding dress at an even lower price now that is some great bargaining skill.  There is no assurance that it will work but if it does, then consider it an incredible treat!

Now let us say that the cheap wedding dress you bought does not fit you perfectly, that is nothing that good old alteration cannot fix.  There is no excuse for an ill fitting wedding dress.  Spend a few more dollars for the alteration but it will be ultimately worth it.